Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

SE Health is a not-for-profit social enterprise applying knowledge, vision and drive to forever impact how people live and age at home, today and into the future. With Canadian roots and 110 years of expertise, the organization brings quality excellence and innovation to home care, seniors’ lifestyle, and family caregiving. Through its team of 9,000 Leaders of Impact, SE Health delivers 20,000 care exchanges daily, totaling 50 million in the last decade alone.

X2ai is a startup based in San Francisco. Their mission is to is to provide affordable, quality emotional support, regardless of income or location. By using chatbots, such as this one, powered by artificial intelligence they have given people access to care, for the first time in their lives.

A chatbot is a computer program that you can have a conversation with. People can ask questions, make requests and respond to chatbot questions and statements using text or their voice.

Coach Cabi was designed with older adults in mind. SE Health and X2ai pooled their expertise together to create content that would cater around older adults. Since Coach Cabi uses artificial intelligence it starts to learn about you, such as your likes and dislikes.

We ask that you talk with Coach Cabi for 4 months. You will have a chance to talk with Coach Cabi through Facebook Messenger or you may be chosen to receive a Google Home or Amazon Echo to talk with Coach Cabi with your voice.

When you first start talking with Coach Cabi we will ask you some questions about yourself. During 3 months after you start and the end of the study we will ask you questions about what you think about talking with Coach Cabi.

The Google Home and Amazon Echo are smart speakers. This means that they look and act as regular speakers, but they can be controlled by your voice. By using a smart assistant built in the speaker it can process what you ask of it such as doing what you ask or answering any questions.