Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We’re always happy to provide answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

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1. What does SE Managed Services do?

A Managed Services Provider “MSP” is a company external to your business that is responsible for providing IT, Finance and Accounting, and Human Resources services to organizations. For example, SE IT Managed Services supports existing technology, provides onsite and remote onsite help, and develops business continuity solutions.

2. Who does SE Health’s IT Managed Services offer support to?

SE Managed Services focuses on non-profits as part of our commitment to support the broader community sector by providing high-quality cost-effective enterprise-level services that allow organizations to focus on their core mission.

3. How large are your clients?

Our clients range from two to 500+ employees across single or multiple locations.

4. Why should I choose SE Managed Services over another provider?

SE Managed Services is dedicated to client satisfaction and has extensive experience in the non-profit space.

5. What if my not-for-profit has unique or funder-based requirements?

SE IT Managed Services will work directly with you to incorporate any unique or funder-based requirements.

6. How long does onboarding take?

Onboarding times vary client to client and are dependent on the business requirements and how many recommendations are being implemented during the migration process.

7. How do you price services?

8. What if I have an IT Provider already?

SE IT Managed Services will work directly with the existing provider during the migration process to ensure a smooth transition and hand-over of support & services.

9. What is a Virtual CIO?

A VCIO is a dedicated IT MSP Expert that serves to collaborate with client stakeholders on their IT environments. This includes IT Budgeting, Forecasting and Reporting.

10. Does your SE IT Managed Services come to my office if needed?

Yes, SE IT Managed Services does offer onsite support as required.

11. How long has SE been providing IT Managed services?

SE have been providing IT Managed Services for 10+ years.

12. Does SE IT Managed Services assist with IT Policies & Procedures?

Yes, SE IT managed Services can assist with the development and implementation of IT Policies & Procedures